AHIOS has been on the front lines of the battle for fair reimbursement for release of information (ROI) services — a battle being fought in courtrooms and state legislatures across the country.

Our hard work has paid off: To date, AHIOS has played a major role in clarifying ROI fee laws, getting new laws on the books in about a dozen states and raising fees to more equitable levels in a handful of others. The goal of this work is to minimize lawsuits over ROI fees — a perennial drain on the resources of the ROI industry — and ensure that healthcare organizations always have the option of outsourcing their health information functions. Well-written statutes governing reimbursement leave little room for the differing interpretations that can lead to litigation.

AHIOS is active legislatively in states across the country. We often partner with state medical societies and hospital associations and sometimes with state health information management associations as well. Our activities include:

  1. Reviewing about 1,100 health information management bills and proposed regulations a year
  2. Educating decision-makers about the ROI process, which could include meeting with legislators and gathering ROI data and other information
  3. Testifying before subcommittees about the ROI process
  4. Helping draft fee legislation that ensures fair and equitable compensation for the ROI industry