White Papers and Perspectives

As a thought leader in the healthcare information management industry, AHIOS publishes and facilitates access to white papers and “perspectives” to help companies solve business problems related to their health information management needs. To obtain copies of these documents, please click on the following links:

  • Where EMRs Hit a Wall in the HIM World: Defines the differences between the clinical EHR and the LHR, explains where the clinical record hits walls once it enters the ROI world in the form of an LHR, and why it is imperative that every healthcare organization has human intervention in the health information management (HIM) environment. It also explains the extreme complexity of the actual ROI process, further justifying the need for human oversight.
  • Release of Information: More than Just Copying: Breaks down and describes the many steps in the release of information process, highlighting its complexity, risks and challenges
  • Outsourcing ROI: Does It Make Sense for You? Helps organizations decide whether to outsource release of information and presents outsourcing options, tips for choosing a vendor and advice on how to make the relationship a success